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The internet feels quiet. Or I am becoming disinterested. I'm actually betting on the second. Work is annoying lately. It seems like every change takes into account how TPTB want to appear rather than how anything affects the staff. Like opening a few more hours a week and giving one department 8 more staff hours (to be divided amongst two employees) but no one else. Or making it more difficult for customers to use the internet by requiring locals get a library card but not making it easier to get a card. In a profession where the up and comers and innovators are all about relaxing restrictions, we are doing the opposite. And in some ways I see why but in other ways I do not care. It seems like some people want to nit pick about rules and punishment. I go back and forth; on one hand I think people need to be more responsible but on the other hand are adults really going to learn a lesson from our rules? No. It's just another way I'm forced to treat adults like (the) children (they insist on acting like).

On a happier note, last night I went to see the Cleveland Orchestra at Blossom (an outdoor venue for those of you who aren't local). They were performing a tribute to John Williams in celebration of his 80th birthday. It was a gorgeous night for this and it was nice to see so many families with children there. It inspired me to put a bunch of cds on hold at work and there are a few movies that I haven't seen in years that I'd like to see again.

At the end of September my parents and I are going to Knoxville. While I'm excited that this is a practically free vacation since my dad and my uncle won't let me pay for gas, lodging, or a meal as long as they're around, I have a feeling that we won't be there long enough for me to spend the amount of time I'd like to with everybody. I'm just going to have to suck it up and go solo some time. There is a slight possibility that my aunt and uncle will have sold their McMansion by the time we go, but in that case my parents will stay wherever they are renting and I'll stay either with one of my cousins or carolinecrane. (Isn't this a nice way for me to tell you Caroline? You're my first choice.)
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Way back I said I would post stuff from my writing group on LJ. And then I didn't because

1) I didn't love everything I was writing


2) I never imagine anyone is as interested as I am

WELL, I wrote something I really like today, so I'm posting. We were to write a series of Haiku that told a story and I wrote about our first evening in New York. I know I haven't written about the rest of the weekend there. See number 2 above. I've also shifted the order of a line or two in the poems.

In New York City
The subway car picked us up
Below the station

We emerged to see
Parsons School. Are you there Tim
Gunn, it's me, Sarah?

So many crossing
the street, how will they all fit?
yet no collisions.

Walking through Times Square
Why is there a Red Lobster?
Cure for the home sick?

Disney characters
Pose for tips. Midwest tourists
Don't notice the scam

It's so much better
At night with the lights shining
Than in the daylight

Cheesecake at Juniors
Al fresco is best. Can I
get this life to go?
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Hello Dreamwidth! How are you? I'm frazzled. We will see if I post here more than I do on LJ. Let's face it, the people I look for most on LJ are here. Hello all three of you! Today I have high school book club and I need to remember to pack everything for tomorrow's Ohio Library Council chapter conference into my car. Tomorrow, I will have to get up at 5:00 in order to do everything and be where I need to be when I need to be there. Some of you might do that regularly (or will soon!) and my condolences. I'm not a early morning person. I'm not really a night person either. I guess that makes me a mid-afternoon person? If I can make it through today and tomorrow without a breakdown, I will survive the next week.


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